Menu of the Future

Image Credits: Blake Kathryn

The Farm of the Future

Inspired by a chat with Christine Gould and Massimo Portincaso

Culture-Friendly Cultures

Inspired by talks from Dean Powell, Shannon Theobald, Stephen Lomnes & Christine Gould

Image Credits: Ecovative Design
Spot the difference
Who runs the world… microbes!

Market Infiltration

A product is nothing without its consumers. But unconventional inventions (ex. alternative proteins) are notoriously difficult for the public to accept. We live in a pre-BCI world and there’s not really any way to prove taste to potential buyers. To successfully outcompete traditional meats, there are two things that need to be done:

  1. effectively communicate to the marketplace that there are other options
  2. eliminate barriers (ex. price, taste, health & safety) so that it’s the no-brainer choice for customers

Fostering a New Breed of Entrepreneurs

The most important -nomics really is economics.

Starting at the Root of the Problem

Inspired by a talk with Gilad Gershon, Julie Borlaug & William Pelton

  1. communicate & describe its value — people will listen to solutions for critical needs (ex. diseases)
  2. partner with retailers as they can reach many farmers
  3. collaborate with big banana/coffee/rice companies

Intermission with a Mission

Meeting cool people at

Gen-Z Advisory Boards?

So you thought that advisory boards are always made up of middle-aged suit-and-tie businesspeople.

Pesticides Be-gone

$1.4 billion worth of losses in the US annually are due to crop losses from the invisible killer of all — pesticides.

Who came first, the 🌱 or the 🍳?

There are so many ubiquitous preconceived notions that everyone around the world simply accepts.

Josh’s vision

You may have heard of Singapore’s 30 x 30 vision, but Josh also has a more personal one.

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